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    ESXi 6.5 Not connecting to any network

    DarkerJ01 Lurker

      Hello, I've recently installed ESXi 6.5 onto a Dell PowerEdge R710 (2x X5660, VT-d enabled) server I recently acquired, with the intent on running 2 Windows Server VMs on it. However, I'm stuck at a rather large snag: ESXi will not connect to any network over the built in ethernet ports. I've tried plugging it in directly into a computer, and then a spare wifi router (used as a switch in this case) and it simply refuses to connect. It doesn't show up at all in the router's "Attached Devices" panel. I've tried moving to a different interface to no avail, and setting the IP Address to both Static and DHCP with no avail. Any inbound or outbound connections to or from it respectively simply fail. I can't set up the server if I can't get to it's management


      Any help would be appreciated!