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    Install software after server build?

    ftfcu Novice

      This is my first day with Orchestrator.  I have been able to build a VM from out template with the built-in clone script.  I am now trying to install several software applications that are required that do not already exist in the template and cannot be added to the template.


      Our current NON Orchestrator process is to Deploy VM from a template, login and run a powershell script that copies software from various network locations to c:\temp and then runs them.


      I would like to automate this into a single VRO process, but for now, I would be pretty happy to figure out how to install the software after we have built the VM.  I read how to connect a VM to powershell, using the Add a powershell host, but that does not seem like it can be automated everytime we build a machine.


      Any ideas where to go?

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          eoinbyrne Hot Shot

          I don't think you would want to add the new VM as a powershell host on creation as that would be a lot of mucking about


          You could try the Guest Script Manager package - Guest script manager package - which can connect to a VM and run commands on the Guest OS.


          Alternatively, you could create a single PowerShell "jumpbox" from which you could do PowerShell remoting to all created VMs. Then vRO could execute scripts on that host to deliver the config changes to the new VM after cloning.


          Is there a reason why you're not using vRA for this by the way - this sort of use-case is exactly what vRA can do OOTB & in a very streamlined and flexible way. Also, you get much better support for Day 2 actions, inventory and lifecycle management, not to mention the ability to provide Self-service to your users


          Anyway HTH

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            ftfcu Novice

            Thanks for the help.  We do not currently own vRA, so its likely we will end up that direction.  This is really our first big jump into larger scale automation.  As I understand it, vRA is a separately licensed product correct?

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              eoinbyrne Hot Shot

              Yes, vRA is a separate product so it would be a new licence. It does integrate with vRO though so anything you do now in vRO could still be used later. Also, the combination of the two makes a very powerful service platform for IT tasks