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    Cannot power on VMs in ESXi, Please HELP!

    talsofer Novice

      hey guys, my first post in the community.

      im sorry in advance for my english, its ok but not great.

      im studying to be vcp right now

      and i want to set up a lab at home to practice, but for some reason i cannot power on any vms in my system.

      ill start with my setup

      my pc:


      win10 pro

      intel i5 8600k

      32gb hyperx ram

      z370 hd3p

      my main disk is samsung 840 evo 250GB

      and i have another hdd barracuda 2TB


      i installed an ESXi host inside vmware workstation 14

      gave him 16 gb of ram

      4 procecores with 1 core each (total of 4 cores)

      and around 300 gb of thin provision disk space(on the ssd)

      the esxi run when i power it on, gave it a static ip and all

      logged in through host client and whenever i creat a vm and try to power it on nothing happends, it get stuck on 0%

      i dont know what to do, i read almost every KB outhere nothing helps..

      i even formatted my computer and installed everything fresh..

      let me know what screen shots you need to help me understand the problem

      or what logs should i provide..thanks in advance guys! please help i dont want to fail this course just because i cannot run esxi at home

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