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    is "Exception Caught: Provision targetDatastore Null VM Exception" a king of bug?

    niceguy001 Enthusiast

      i'm using the vmmark 3.0 to test on server

      when I started to provision the first tile(which is tile0) from the vmmark template

      the terminal always show the following error message:


      ERROR MAIN : Exception Caught: Provision targetDatastore Null VM Exception : Review Log and Configuration : Unable to locate targetDatastore: 'vsanDatastore' in Datacenter : exitSetting true


      the provision target data store was set to just only one storage(which is vsanDatastore)

      the vcenter credential and other settings(IP, domain, email, tiles...) don't seem to be wrong.

      and no other error messages, just this one.


      i found some of the VMs can be created randomly after several provisioning tries.

      (maybe 9 or 13 or 17...VMs can be cloned from the template)

      but this first-tile-provision just never success.


      the vmmark3.properties and the output result log are attached.

      does anyone know about this issue?