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    All VM operating systems running slow - host running fine

    olshaa Lurker

      I'm not as technically apt as most of you, so let me know if I'm missing any vital info and I'll so my best to find out.


      I'm running VMware Workstation 12 Pro (12.5.9). Host is Windows 10 Pro. 64gm RAM, Ryzen 7 1700x 3.4ghz.


      2-3 weeks ago, all VM's started crashing or running very poorly. Each would slow down and often crash completely. That would often mean having to force the shutdown of the VM. The VMs at the time were running Windows 8. Sometimes I'd just get extreme lag on the mouse/keyboard, missed clicked etc. Sometimes just no response at all. It would have moments where it appeared to be working properly for a short period. I didn't change any settings at the time either.


      I attempted a fresh VM install and got the same issue (Win 8 VM again). They might run for a short period but then the VM would inevitably crash or continue to run very slowly. I often had to force shutdown of the VM through vmware.


      I've since tried an alternative guest OS (Win 10 pro) which gave the same effect.


      I've tried varying the resources I gave to the VMs - up to 16gb ram 2 processors and 2 cores each (actually I tried even higher than that too) and nothing seems to have helped.


      I've upgraded to VMware 14 and had the same issues again.


      I've since chose the fresh start option on windows 10 (host) to see if that helped and again, the same issue persisted (installed vmware pro 12 again).


      I'm happy to follow any suggestions.


      Other notes:

      -Whilst I used to run 3-4 VMs at once, I've recently only being trying to run 1 at a time while I figure this out

      -When there are issues on the VMs, the host performs absolutely fine. Task manager doesn't show and resources being hogged by VMware

      -I tried the fresh start on my host OS, as I noticed that the last windows upgrade was on the 6th of feb. I'm not quite sure if this timed with the issues though.    

      -I don't believe this is related to the mouse/keyboard input - as it will often crash on startup. I do use a Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, but tested a wired mouse at one point which didnt make a difference.


      If there's any more information I can provide, please let me know!


      Thanks in advance