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    Migrate vDS settings from vCenter 5.5 to 6.5 directly

    ok7827125 Lurker

      Hi, We have installed VCSA 6.5 and are going to migrate virtual distributed switch settings from vCenter server 5.5 (Windows) to the new VCSA 6.5. To migrate vDS configurations, we are using import/export feature on both vCenters. When importing settings on the new VCSA, the task was completed but we don't see vDS and its settings! In fact, nothing is created.

      If we import settings in the vCenter 6.0 and then export them, consequently, we are able to import correctly zip file on the VCSA 6.5. So, we are confusing about the migration process and want to know does a way to move vDS configurations directly to VCSA 6.5 or not?

      (Anyway, we are capable of doing this in two steps: migrate to vCenter 6.0 and then move from vCenter 6.0 to 6.5 )


      Also, we have another concern about the import vDS settings on various VCSA 6.5 on the second site similarly, VCSAs are located in two sites and their PSC are configured in Linked Mode. Is it correct or not?