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    [Help] Platform services controller error 500

    ethancedrik Lurker

      I recently rebooted my VMWare vCenter/vSphere platform services controller, and tried to access the web interface and got this, It's running on Windows and I did a standard Windows reboot. (Server 2012 R2 with all the latest Windows Updates)




      The main page loads just fine, it's just when I try and access the web interface I get that 500 error950f3ab2d1ee84f5f540a5d318411854[1].png




      Here is the server log bundle as well: vc-vmpsc-2017-04-14--05.31-4668.tgz - Google Drive




      Any and all help is greatly appreciated! I tried restarting the services and rebooting Windows and still am getting the same thing. The VMWare platform services controller is the only thing running on this machine as well. The vCenter server is running on a different machine.


      If my only option is to reinstall, how would I go about properly rebooting the platform services controller in the future? I used the start menu and clicked "Restart" from inside windows and assumed this would cause no issues, but I guess I was wrong.605e2836b0d7e3aef5deac028f08edf9[1].png