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    I want to upgrade vmtools version along with vm hardware version with a powerCLI script. Is that possible, if yes, can some one help here?

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      This is how I'm planning to do -


      I'm going to install vmware tools version 10.1.10 by calling a exe setup file from a folder. If I use the default vmware tools install option, vmtoosl version 10.1.5 will get installed which I don't want. Hence, the requirement would be like below -


      First will install the vmtools and then reboot the server.

      Once vmtools version is up to date, now shutdown the server and update vm hardware version to the latest.


      Script should be able to handle the errors like if any server, not found, should say, not found / not reachable / some other error. Error handing should be available.


      Can some one help here. Thanks in advance.