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    NSX-T Application Continuity Cross-vCenter

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      NSX-V Cross-vcenter provides central microsegmentation dfw rule management for VMs on multiple sites. If NSX-T is used, is it possible to centralize dFW rules, or create Universal Objects for Multiple sites similar to uDLR or uLS?


      NSX-T there is no vCenter Plugin, so it seems not to be related vCenter one-to-one mapping, but no reference guide Multiste Application Continuity solution is not detailed


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          my understanding of it yes you can do multiple site and yes it should support universal. Actually if we follow product use case there is no universal - universal was used for cross-vc deployment.

          Since NSX-T not tied to VC any more there is no need of universal any way. so NSX Manager will distribute firewall rules based on connection to controllers  (remember in NSX-T Controllers are necessary but optional as in NSX-V). If you registered to NSX manager and Controller node  you will get rules and there is no need to be marked as universal since there is no connection to VC.


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