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    vRNI Maximum application/tier definitions

    MaasMathijs Lurker

      Hi All,


      In my quest to automate the creation of Micro-segmentation NSX firewall rules i've created a script which creates an application/tier definition in vRNI (using the REST API) for each VM in corresponding vCenter/vSphere environment. (so i can export the vRNI recommended firewall rules for this "application"/vm)

      The script worked sweet and got me the results I needed, BUT after creating 1.000 applications(profiles) I received an error from the REST API interface that I’ve reached the maximum amount of applications! Is this by design? Can vRNI only contain a maximum of 1K applications?!


      I know i'm kind of pushing the limits of vRNI here, but 1K applications seems a low limit which could be reached by normal use in a large environment?


      Hope this is just a soft-limit which can be tuned and exceeded (in future releases of vRNI)?


      Kind regards,


      Mathijs van der Maas