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    Horizon Client v4.1 SSL Error on connection

    jerH Lurker

      I've just begun a new job and the organization uses the Horizon Client and DoD CAC authentication.  When I attempt to connect to the portal address I was provided, I am prompted to select a security certificate, then prompted for a PIN.  After entering the PIN I get Error: An SSL Error Occurred and that's it.  I am not sure how to proceed at this point.


      I'm running client v4.1.0 build 3977225 on a Windows 10 laptop.  I tried running the support.bat with loglevel 3 and wound up with a 4MB zip files which I can provide if that's helpful...

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          Bleeder Hot Shot

          Documentation for VMware Horizon 7 version 7.0


          When you use Linux client to authenticate the broker with PIV card, which is supported by Linux desktop smartcard redirection, you must add view.sslProtocolString = "TLSv1.1" configuration for the Linux client at ~/.vmware/view-preferences to avoid SSL error.

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            jerH Lurker

            Thanks, but as mentioned I'm running Windows 10 not Linux....there doesn't appear to be a view-preferences file anywhere in the VMWare directory...

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              Bleeder Hot Shot

              My bad.  You can try disabling TLS 1.2 by adding registry values for DisabledByDefault to 1 and Enabled to 0 here:

              HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurityProviders\SCHANNEL\Protocols\TLS 1.2\Client


              This isn't good practice (it lowers security for all of Windows) but may help isolate the problem.  Ideally you shouldn't have to do this.

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                KWKirchner Novice

                I have a Windows 10 VM I dedicate to work. I VPN to the work network and then use Horizon client to get a desktop.  This was all working fine up until I had my CAC renewed a week ago. Even though I had all the intermediate and root CA certs loaded, I started getting the "An SSL error has occurred" message.  Previously I was using the Windows built-in smart card support and it was fine, no issues with using my CAC for VPN or the Horizon client.


                I tried upgrading the Horizon client, several registry entries... nothing helped. The VPN client continued to work fine with the new CAC.


                My "fix" was to install ActivClient 7.1. I am not sure what it did, but it stopped that stupid error from popping up. I have seen the SSL error once since installing, but an immediate reconnect fixed it.


                If you are a DoD contractor you might be able to get ActivClient for free. Look on militarycac.com for some links (I had access to AKO). If not, I think it's $35 to purchase a copy.


                I hope this helps. It's a really frustrating and unhelpful error message.

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                  kellysmothers Lurker

                  Hate bringing up old thread, but.....


                  Error: SSL error Occurred.


                  If using active client, make sure you also have the latest patches.


                  My situation: AC required patch in order to work FIXS1509013.