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    Orphaned vCenter in PSC

    TheITHollow Enthusiast

      I'm wondering if anyone has run into this scenario.

      A PSC (PSC1) was deployed and a vCenter (vCenter1) was connected to it but had issues and got deleted etc.

      A new vCenter was stood up and also named vCenter1 and was connected to PSC1


      Upon logging into the web client, there is a warning message stating "Could not connect to one or more vCenter Server Systems: https://vCenter1.domain.local/sdk"


      Now, there are documented measures to remove a vCenter from a PSC, Using the cmsso command to unregister vCenter Server from Single Sign-On (2106736) | VMware KB

      but those instructions seem to conclude that you can use the vCenter server name as the ID:


      cmsso-util unregister --hostId host_Id --node-pnid vCenter_Server_System_Name --username administrator@your_domain_name --passwd vCenter_Single_Sign_On_password



      Question being this, if I were to run this with vCenter1 as the vCenter_Server_System_Name won't it remove both the orphaned vCenter as well as the existing working vCenter?


      Does anyone have a better way to remove just the orphaned vCenter?