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    Recomposing Win10 1709 with Horizon 7.4, stuck at customizing

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      We recently started looking at Windows 10 1709 since Horizon 7.4 has support for it (and other versions as well).   However, when recomposing any pool, it gets stuck on the "customizing" step for the desktops in the pool.  We are using a customization specification (sysprep) because we prefer this method over quickprep.  This has worked fine with Windows 10 1607.  When I check, the desktops are stuck at the Windows logon screen and will sit there indefinitely.  In the events log, it shows entries like this:


      Provisioning error occurred for Machine win101709002: Customization operation timed out


      Automatic error recovery for Pool win101709: attempting to restart Machine win101709002


      Are there still problems with 1709?  Anybody been able to get it to work?  We are pretty plain here with our setup, nothing really special going on but just can't seem to get this working.