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    luns not accessible

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      We had a problem with our P2K recently but after we bring back the storage array some of the hosts are not able to access the LUNS.




      018-02-05T17:18:07.272Z cpu18:36053 opID=42052f24)World: 14369: VC opID 92D4B216-0000587C-db-cc maps to vmkernel opID 42052f24

      2018-02-05T17:18:07.272Z cpu18:36053 opID=42052f24)Partition: 423: Failed read for "naa.600c0ff000195c8a26ea705301000000": I/O error

      2018-02-05T17:18:07.272Z cpu18:36053 opID=42052f24)Partition: 1003: Failed to read protective mbr on "naa.6xxxxxxx" : I/O error

      2018-02-05T17:18:07.272Z cpu18:36053 opID=42052f24)WARNING: Partition: 1112: Partition table read from device naa.XXXXXXX failed: I/O error

      2018-02-05T17:18:17.283Z cpu12:32817)ScsiDeviceIO: 2369: Cmd(0x413642d33b40) 0x1a, CmdSN 0x3215 from world 0 to dev "naa.600c0ff000195c8ae7e9705303000000" failed H:0x5 D:0x0 P:0x0 Possible sense data: 0x0 0x0 0x0.


      Any suggestions..

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          daphnissov Guru
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          Check with the storage vendor. I/O errors like those can often mean data corruption has occurred.

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            So you can still read the content from some hosts ?
            Then do the following:
            - unmount the volume on those hosts that can no longer read it. - DO THIS ASAP
            - select one host that still can read the volume and unmount the volume on all other hosts
            - use this one host to copy all VMs to another datastore
            - rebuild the affected datastore from scratch and avoid RAID 5
            Assume that the situation may deteriorate if you do not act soon - so do not waste too much time in the current state.

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              dekoshal Hot Shot

              Try performing LUN reset (KB below) followed by below command in sequence.


              VMware Knowledge Base


              1. esxcfg-rescan -A

              2. vmkfstools -V

              3. Check the availability of the datastore in question.


              For further troubleshooting check storage array logs if required.


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                continuum Guru
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                > Check with the storage vendor. I/O errors like those can often mean data corruption has occurred.
                From several years of VMFS-recovery I have learned that if one host in a cluster complains about I/O errors this does not necessarily means that the actual data is corrupted.
                Often another host or a linux system can still read the data without problems.
                So whenever I come across this issue I first try to read the data using another host or a Linux LiveCD.
                So the surprising lesson here is that I/O errors in a vmkernel log basically do not immediatly mean corruption but rather that "this" host does not want to cooperate.
                Yes - I know how crazy that sounds
                Also when one host complains that a LUN has no partitiontable it does not mean that there is no partitiontable.

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                  VirtualRay Hot Shot

                  i shutdown all vms and esxi's and restarted both storage array controllers  and then power them up.


                  thank you everyone.