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    Cannot hit OK to add HDD to a VM

    wanderson216 Novice

      Good Morning -


      I'm running VCSA Version Build 7515524 with an embedded PSC. It was working beautifully for a while, then I had to bounce a host (which had the VCSA on it) due to a PSOD. I brought everything back up, and now the only problem I have is I cannot add a HDD to a running (or powered off) VM. It's strange. I'm full administrator on it, and even tried with the SSO admin account. My Jr Sysadmin can add HDDs just fine.


      My thought is I'm ghosted somewhere and I need to be logged out from a hung session? I restarted the VCSA, my computer, tried different browsers, tried from the HTML5 version too, and tried from another server; same deal. This is specifically what's happening:


      1. I right click a VM and go to Edit Settings.
      2. Scroll down, add a new disk.
      3. Hit OK


      And it just hangs there doing nothing. It's like it doesn't receive my input. I can add a new NIC, that seems to work. Any ideas? I can't find anything online for this either. It's strange.