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    I can't import or attach image file on the VMware vSphere Client

    Calvin_Zhang Lurker

      Hello Guys,

      Recently, I just setup a trial version of VMware vSphere ESXi version 5.5.0 server for test out the Junos Space products. I had installed the ESXi server on the Sun MicroOS server and deployed two vms from Deploying ova file. Right now, I need to install an image file for a vm on the cvSphere client. I have googled how to import or attach the image files on the vSphere client and it looks very simple. However, I can't find any of that options on my vSphere client. I can't find the Storage under the inventory and can't find the Datastores. All I can find anything that relates to storage is rescan for Datastores. Also, I have made sure that the proper permissions are assigned to the administrator role. If someone can help me to figure out this issue, I will be much appreciated.