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    Workflow Sending SMTP email

    GarTomlon Novice

      I have a workflow that I can send smtp email.  Out of the box, everything works fine.  Pretty basic.  Simply assigning content attribute the text I want.  However, I need to apply some formatting.  I assume I can use HTML for the formatting.  Just not sure how to assign the content attribute this code.  Below is the sample HTML I would like to assign to content attribute.


      <p>This is row one</p>

      <p><strong>THis is row two</strong></p>

      <p>this is row three</p>

      <table style="height: 73px;" width="317">



      <td style="width: 150px;">col1,row1</td>

      <td style="width: 151px;"><strong>col2,row1</strong></td>



      <td style="width: 150px;">col1,row2</td>

      <td style="width: 151px;"><strong>col2,row2</strong></td>



      <td style="width: 150px;">col1,row3</td>

      <td style="width: 151px;"><strong>col2,row3</strong></td>




      <p> </p>




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          iiliev Champion
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          Where does this HTML come from? In the simplest case, you can have it a Javascript variable hard-coded in your workflow. It's not different than having a variable with plain text. Just keep in mind that some characters like double quotes need to be escaped with additional backslash character.

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            rmav01 Enthusiast

            Depending on how fancy you want it to look, what you could do is send an example email to yourself with all the formatting in place. Then in something like Outlook, open the email and save it as an HTML. The HTML source will give you the formatting styles you are looking for. I've done this in the past with relatively simple formatted emails (basic tables, maybe some colors and indentations) and vRO's SMTP call was able to handle it pretty well.