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    Dyying Data Centre rehabilitation to VM Cloud as  IAAS.

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      Challenge or Problem:

      Local DC ( My last job was at Municipal Corp of Greater Mumbai on contract from July 14 to Feb 17) was running in captive, complex & resource crunched outdated IBM P590 AIX LPARs. OS,DB ver, networking loadbalancers  etc eqipments outdated. CPU utilization 90%, memory 90% , disk util 95%. As it was outdated hardware, spares were not avalable.

      Result : Servers were rebooting 5 times in day. On its own. Frequent RTOs were aborting citizen centric services frequently. No spare capacity was available. All cpus, memory, disk space capacity was exhausted.  
      But I had efficient skilled, manpower, managers & service providers  on VM,  IBM, DEll,  AIX, DB who were managing SAP &  Non SAP applications. 



      Solution:   Rescue plan





      Internal cross platform migration from IBM AIX LPARS to Intel VMware linux migration plan execution.


      Internal DC migration on VMware Cloud with managed IAAS.


      There was spare VMware island available which was having sufficient disk space, cpu & memory underutilized.  Memory slots free.
      1. Procured extra 4 TB memory.
      2. Reduced backup time from 20hrs/TB to 2hrs/TB . Thanks to symantec netbackup appliance 5500. Took backup of unwanted data and stored on tapes, deleted old data on VM linux platform .
      3. Moved non SAP & NON AIX i.e VM Linux  applications from VM  Local DC to VM  cloud ( Ctrls)
      4. This made  60 TB disk space, 500+++ Vcpus,  8 TB RAM empty on VM platform in our DC  ( Municipal Corp of Mumbai) 
      4. Finally  performed cross platform SAP application  migration from costly AIX IBM LPAR to low cost Intel Linux VMware platforn. Which was empty due to non SAP migration on VMcloud
      5. SAP crossmigrated on scalable,  on demand   VMNT enabled redundant, VM island ...this stopped rebooting 5 times per day. Zero reboot. 99.9999 uptime. 10 ms latency. 5% cpu 30 % average utilization & 50% disk utilization resulted in citizen centric services.

      6. Finally after 5 months,  Municipal Corp Mumbai SAP applications on VMware too moved on Cloud. ALL IBM, Dell, VM, storages switched off. 
      7. DC closed.
      8. Saved 50 cr.
      9.  Citizens happy. I am happy. Vendors happy. Everyone  happy.
      10. My objective achived. Contract ended. Searching new assignment.


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          This is part of linkedin by Katie. posting for Amazon Echo winning competetion.

          I have posted for same as deadline 1 Feb 18 is nearing.


          Please note. I was Dy. Director IT Infra from July 14 to Feb 17. Contract ended because no work had left for me due to my objective achievement in short time & budget.


          If any suitable opening is available at Mumbai or Pune at VMware please let me know. 


          I was also awarded IT excellence award by VMware India & ET Now.proof attavhed.