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    ESXi NUC

    IvanAK87 Lurker

      Hi all,

      I'm not so familiar with the VMWare Box we have and have no information about the version etc. Some details, I'm still waiting to be delivered.


      Recently I've got the:

      Error loading /sb.v00

      Compressed MD5: blablablalbalba

      Decompressed MD5: blablablabla

      Fatal error: 33 (Inconsistent data)


      I have VMWare Box (NUC) and on that Box/Device there was some USB. This USB is 8GB but only 4MB are used. There are some partitions on it. There are some EFI files. I use "USB Image Tool" and try to make a backup of it, but without success.

      My Question here is how to fix this error. Is the USB the problem or the Disk. What we have on the USB ?


      Kind regards