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    Question regarding  VMware vCenter Server Appliance (VMware-VCSA-all-6.5.0-7070488.iso)

    MKB1961 Lurker

      I currently have VMware vCenter Server Appliance v5.50.30700 Build 7460865 and I'd like to download and install the trial for VMware vCenter Server Appliance (VMware-VCSA-all-6.5.0-7070488.iso) to show my manager the usefulness of it, and to also be able to provide critical & security patches for both version 5.5 esxi & version 6.0 esxi VMware hosts (and their vm guests as well) using Update Manager, which is not available via my Center Server Appliance v5.50.30700 Build 7460865.

      If I run the vCenter Appliance v6.5 trial, and need to roll back to v5.5 would it be possible?