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        quantam Novice

        We had opened a case with both HP and VMWARE. HP replied as follows:


        This field for the device is specifically reserved for indicating the path status of the device. If  there is only one path to the target then the status is "degraded".

        The host client is showing an extended information in case of New Server as ‘Normal, Degraded’ instead of just ‘Normal’.

        This does not have any effect on the functioning of the LUN.


        VMWARE said that because this is counted as remote disk so it expects two paths to it, if not found it will put it as degraded. Now to resolve this we need to tag this as local disk using the following procedure through SSH. But if you have vCenter, you can simply right click the device and click on `Mark as Local`. If no vCenter use the following procedure:


        esxcli storage nmp satp rule add -s VMW_SATP_LOCAL --device diskid --option="enable_local"     (replace the diskid with the disk identifier)

        esxcli storage core claiming reclaim -d diskid   (replace the diskid with the disk identifier)

        esxcli storage core claimrule load

        esxcli storage core claimrule run



        This has worked for me and all my local disks are showing as Normal now and `Status:ON`. The `Local` field is reading as true.


        Let me know if you need further help.

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        • 16. Re: Disks degraded in ESXi
          quantam Novice

          All my logs and the ILO shows up as normal. No amber lights on a physical inspection. So the disks are all good, it was something to do with ESXi not recognizing the disk as local. So you need to tag it. Check my detailed answer for the procedure I used to sort it out.

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