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    Power Off Script Execution

    BeckChris Lurker

      Hello Commuinity,


      This is my first post here and I don't know exactly how to start. I need help and I think to get an overview I tell you my Issue:


      for our Hospital, we are implementing Horizon view 7 and we are using Bomgar for remote support. Which is actually a very good tool. Except for linked clones I guess. According to Bomgar Engineering at the moment of the installation the machine registers itself at the server. as soon as this registration is done we see the machines and we can connect to the machine.

      for those who still follow, yes for the linked clones, this means we need to add the bomgar-install into the PostSyncScript. This workes more or less good.

      BUT as the machine gets deleted and refreshed from horizon view. the PostSync Script runs again and after that we have 2 listings of the same machine in the bomgar console. Which menas after 5 recomposes we have each machine 5 times in the console...


      now we are close to my problem and I really hope somebody can help us on this. We thought we could write an uninstall script and use it as the PowerOffScript. But that actually does not work. So one of my questions is does anybody know when (at what point) this PowerOffScript gets executed?


      And my second Question does anybody have suggestions how we could fix this issue?

      Too add here, this is the only implementation bomgar told us, there ar no API's or something we could use.


      I already want to thank you guys for your time reading this post and hope for good suggestions.




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          BeckChris Lurker

          Oh wow,


          5 Days later, 100 views but no reply... Guess the question is too delicious.. We have not really solved the issue. so If anyone feels like he has a suggestion.. Please write :-D



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            jrodsguitar Enthusiast

            Ask support if Bomgar has a VDI mode, a few products such as McAfee have this, where at install time you specify an argument to the installer "/VDI". Then if the machine already exists in the application DB it won't create a new entry but just use the existing instead.


            If Bomgar doesn't have that feature then an alternative: You could enable  the ability to view the linked clone console in vSphere via the Horizon GPO's.

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              BeckChris Lurker

              Hey jrodsguitar


              Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately this is the solution form Bomgar Support. the Bomgar Client is registring himself at the installation and there is no way to install and wait with the registration (somehow a Security reason)..



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                TechMassey Hot Shot

                Total respect on trying to tackle this difficult issue. I love Bomgar as well.


                Here are a few thoughts as this is a very unique challenge.


                1. Use a flag file that gets created after the postsyncscript that will skip over the install if it exists on refresh. Cons: Can't think of one at the moment but its been a LOOOONNGGG Day .


                2. Set pool to delete on logoff and configure pool to not re-use computer names (Note that this is explained well in pool config, the computer account must be present in the target OU for it to skip. Which means you may have to setup a post logoff script that adds said computer account to ensure it is not reused.) Cons: Fairly convoluted, eventual Computer Account cleanup, and extra I/O for recompose vs refresh.


                Good Luck!