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    Desktop Health Analyzer 1.1 Unable to connect to target server

    fl57 Novice



      I have an issue with the Desktop Health Analyzer 1.1.

      The VMwre view connection stop with error message: "Unable to connect to target server"


      The logs looks like:

      2018-01-10 15:56:09,906  INFO [RunViewCollectorHandler] Initiated View collection for Host=https://xxx.xxx.xxx/admin/messagebroker/amfsecure, dsId=87c9c124-5b9e-489f-b32c-dd968d6ff612

      2018-01-10 15:56:10,359  WARN [ViewConnection] Trust Manager trusts ALL certificates

      2018-01-10 15:56:10,498  INFO [AbstractCollector] 7d469061-b014-4b88-90a6-c5ce8cdc6fde: message: Unable to connect to target server

      2018-01-10 15:56:10,516  INFO [Util] Collection failed with message=Unable to connect to target server. Updated status=FAILURE. collectorStatus=FAILURE DsId=87c9c124-5b9e-489f-b32c-dd968d6ff612


      I already change the JDK security to allow any certificate.


      Did somebody experience the same ?