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    vSphere Web Client Compatibility Problems - Ongoing

    DCARichM Lurker

      We're using vSphere Web Client build 5973321 and are having endless compatibility problems with it.

      I'm using Firefox 57.0.4 as my main browser and general usage of vSphere bears no problems until (in this example) I try to add a new host. On selecting the Add Host option from the menu, I'm presented with the Add Host window but then vSphere decides that it will not allow my keyboard to work so I cannot add any details or progress with the task.

      I switched to Internet Explorer 11.726.15063 but I cannot even open the vSphere Web Client as IE determines that it will block the content as it is not signed by a valid digital certificate despite deciding that it would let me access vSphere not two days ago.

      Chrome 63.0.3239.132 bears no better fruit as it is telling me I must have Flash player 11.5.0 installed. Strangely enough I have Flash installed.

      Opera 49.0.2725.64 is afflicted with the same problems as Chrome.


      All of these browsers perform fine with any other page I throw at them, these problems only seem to rear their heads when encountering the vSphere Web Client.


      Has anyone else been experiencing the same or similar problems and if so, have you found any solutions?


      Thanks in advance.