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    Updated VCSA 6.5 to current release - now vcsa vm will not power on

    dauphin77 Enthusiast

      Hello all,


      I proceeded to use the ISO method to update VCSA using file through the VAMI web interface. All seemed to go well until I attempted to disconnect the CDROM from the VM which contained the ISO image.....it did not like it and kept hanging up vCenter. So I attempted to login to the ESXi host in which the VCSA server resided and at which point I received an acknowledge message which did not appear to resolve the issue or maybe I did not choose the right option. So I jumped the gun and proceeded to disconnect the CDROM from the VCSA VM via the ESXi host and now it will not power on. Receive this error:


      "Failed to power on virtual machine VCSA. The attempted operation cannot be performed in the current state (Powered Off)"


      I did take a snapshot of the VM prior to performing the update but that will not load either.


      Looking for your assistance with some workarounds or solutions to get my VCSA back on-line.