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    vSphere HeathCheck Script 6.0 reporting via mail

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      I open this thread for the following problem:

      I configured vSphereHealthCheck in vMA6.0 (with Cron) for email delivery of the status of the health system every day at 12:00.


      In the subject of the mail it is not presented if the system is in a status NORMAL or ALERT DETECT.


      Everything works fine but to know I have to open the attachment of the email system status.

      In the old version of the script (ESXi.SH that I used in vSphere 5.0) you could see directly into the subject of the email status.


      That way I could keep an eye on several vSphere systems (without opening all come every day) and I went to check only the mails that showed the alert object.


      It is possible to put this feature into the new script?


      This feature was really very practical and convenient.