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    Set HTTPS port on new vCenter 6.5 Appliance?

    bubblesnout Lurker

      I've found the following article that works through the steps to change the various default ports on a new vCenter Appliance by using the CLI installer: https://www.virtuallyghetto.com/2016/01/how-to-change-the-default-ports-on-the-vcenter-server-appliance-in-vsphere-6-0.html

      This article is specific to VCSA 6.0, when I try and do the same for VCSA 6.5 I receive the following error:

      Verifying template... 
      Unknown key 'ports' present in section 'new.vcsa' subsection network'. Remove this key and rerun the script. The JSON configuration file contains one or more errors.
      Verify your settings in C:\path\to\template.json

      Obviously the issue here is that the 6.5 CLI installer doesn't recognise this 'ports' option. Is there an alternative setting I can adjust in this template to change the various ports (or at least the HTTPS port from 443 to something else)?