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    VM distribution in NSX

    santunez2275 Novice

      Hello Guys


      I have Cross NSX implemented in Active / Passive.


      Now, I have the need to generate the VMs in distributed form in both sites and not in a single datacenter.




      10 VM in Datacenter01

      5 VM in Datacenter02.


      For this, I have 2 Edge Gateway configured with OSPF for each datacenter (DataCenter01 and Datacenter02) but each site has different network segments.

      Datacenter01 10.10.10.x /24  GW

      Datacenter02 11.11.11.x/24   GW


      At LS level I have the following:

      LS Datacenter01
      LS Datacenter02
      LS Transit for the Edge


      UDLR with 2 network of each Datacenter + Transit LS


      2 Edge with each segment.


      I do not have an  idea of how to configure NSX so that VMs can live in each data center with NSX, because the main idea is that if the datacenter01 falls, the VMs hosted on this site move to datacenter02 without the need to change GW and vice versa.


      Thanks for your comments





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          canero Hot Shot

          A similar scenario may be as this link (SRM is used for provisioning VMs on remote DC)



          Disaster Recovery with NSX and SRM


          Main point may be Universal swithes that has Universal Span (with universal Transport Zones) are also needed for the VMs to coexist with same IP subnet on both DC1 and DC2. If the transport zone is not Universal, the Logical Switches are only Intra DC, so it is not possible to extend the same subnet to the other DC.