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    Network Adapter keep "Disconnected"

    waichai16 Lurker

      I install ESXi 4.1.0 update 1 on IBM x3100 M3, installation successful with no error.

      But after I installation, the VM server can't access network, I get into "Configure Management Network" > "Network Adapters", it can find the NIC but keep show "Disconnected" in Status. Replaced Lan cable, Hubs with no luck, install extra NIC also no luck, both 2 NIC show "Disconnected". I tested load a Linux from CD, it can access network. I plugged the extra NIC to the other ESXi 4.1.0 update 1 server is work.

      Both onboard NIC and extra NIC is Intel 82574L Gigabit NIC.

      I've no idea about this issue and nothing found from Google.


      Please give suggestion, thank you.