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    Cannot create Windows 10 VM under ESXi 6.5 running as a VM under Workstation 12

    mbmast Enthusiast

      I'm running ESXi 6.5 as a VM under Workstation 12, which in turn is running under Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials.  I am unable to create VMs under ESXi 6.5.


      From the Navigator I click on Host.  From the Host configuration panel, I click on Actions and select Create/Register VM.  Then I select Create a new virtual machine and click on Next.  In the name field, I enter a name (Windows 10 Pro x64 Test).  For Compatability, I leave the setting at ESXi 6.5 virtual machine.  For Guest OS family, I select Windows, for Guest OS version, I select Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit).  Then I click Next.  I have only one datastore, so that is displayed and automatically selected.  It has a capacity of 292.5GB, 291.55GB free, the type is VMFS5, Thin provisioning is set to Supported and Access is set to Single.  I click Next taking me to the Customize settings panel.  I leave all the Virtual Hardware settings at their defaults, except for Video Card which I change from Specify custom settings to Auto-detect settings.  I don't enter/change any VM Options.  Click Next.  This takes me to the Ready to complete panel.  I click Finish.


      Then I get a VM config error message:  The VM configuration was rejected.  Please see browser Console.  The browser console states "Failed - The operation is not allowed in the current state."


      When I Google this, I find a few YouTube videos with titles like "Installing Windows 10 under ESXi," but when I watch these videos, they are all running ESXi under vSphere, not under Workstation 12, and the browser interface looks completely different from what I see on my machine.  Also, what does "current state" refer to?  The instance of ESXi?  The instance of the VM I'm trying to create?  The datastore?  What state is whatever-the-error-message-is-referring-to in and what state should it be in?  I wish it would give more complete messages, like the X is in state Y and it needs to be in state Z.