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    How can I add more admins to help manage the system?

    StevenJames59 Lurker

      i want to add my colleagues to help me manage the system in the cloud service.

      i added them to the AD group but they are unable to login with just those credentials


      please advise


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          peterbrown05 Expert
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          hi steven

          looks like you were close. but likely missing one step;

          there are 33 parts to this;


          1. creating MyVMware accounts for each of the admins (they dont need a new account if they already have one)
          2. entitling the admins access using their MyVmware account to the Control Plane
          3. ensuring they are a member of the Super Admins AD group


          you did step 3 but sounds like you were missing the first parts.



          • Once registered, you (or another authenticated admin) can use the Getting Started page (or via Settings -> General Settings) to add additional MyVMware users to the environment.


          • From getting started page, it is done here:

          Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 13.28.30.png

          • Clicking ADD, will get you to a dialog like this:



          • Click the + button to add new rows. Note this user account must be registered in MyVMware as above.


          • Finally, as you have already done, make sure that the user's AD account is a member of the super admins group that was granted access to teh system.


          Your colleagues will then be able to login using their myvmware creds, and onbound into an authenticated session using their AD credentials.


          hope this helps,




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