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    Error loading /vmware_f.v00 - Fatal error: 8 (Device error)

    priscillagr Novice

      So, i have this IBM server that one day disconnected from vCenter. I checked ping to the server from vCenter and from other hosts and vice-versa and everything was responding ok.


      Strange, i went to check the console. It was responding kind of buggy, it took at least 5 minutes to login, so I rebooted and when was loading de ESXi i got the following error:


      "Error loading /vmware_f.v00

      Compressed MD5:00000000000000000

      Decompressed MD5: 00000000000000000000000000

      Fatal error: 8 (device error) "


      I rebooted again and the error didn't happen, so now everything seems to be working fine. But i'm worried because two reboots to make it work isn't really a good sign haha.


      Has anyone seen this before? I saw the KB 2008817 that speaks about the same error but a different component (/s.v00). By the way i running ESXi 6.5 (build 6765664).


      Any insight?