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    Adding Horizon Hostname

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      We have created a dev environment using VIO 3.1 and NSX 6.3.1 and all works well however due to the fact the during deployment we did not assign a VIP hostname so horizon is only accessible via the public IP and not any hostname as none was assigned.


      How do we assign a hostname so that horizon can be accessed via public hostname and what needs to be done to use SSL both in horizon and noVNC ? There are multiple apache2 configu file and we are not sure what to change.

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          Hi Benjamin,


          I just found the following KB:




          that can be useful for the issue you are facing.


          Please, let me know. if it helps!




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            This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I am surprised it didnt appear in my googling


            Many thanks !!!!

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              Hello Dom


              I finally got around to attempting this however it did not change the hostname.


              I completed the following:-


              1. Logged into Management Server

              2. run this command:   /opt/vmware/vpostgres/current/bin/psql -U omsdb

              3. UPDATE node_group SET attributes = regexp_replace(attributes, 'public_hostname":"PUBLIC_VIP"', 'public_hostname":"PUBLIC_HOSTNAME"', 'g') WHERE name = 'LoadBalancer';     I replaced PUBLIC_HOSTNAME with the URL i want to the Horizon Dashboard


              4.  Run   viocli show -p


              This output a .ini file which I then used vi to modify.


              Searched for the line public_hostname =   ( The public IP was there so I changed it to the URL needed )


              5. Run viocli deployment configure



              This took about 10 minutes abd after t completed I again viewed the .ini file and it appears that the deployment creates a new file which has the public_hostname as the public IP which is what it originally was so this did not work.


              The documentation is a little confusing as at the bottom it says VIO 3.0 should only need to update the public_hostname.


              For VMware Integrated Openstack 3.0, perform these steps:


              • The only thing you must update is public_hostname in OMS and run viocli deployment configure.
              • PUBLIC_VIP should be replaced with actual public vip used in the deployment
              • PUBLIC_HOSTNAME should be replaced with the desired hostname
              1. Log in to management server, switch to root user, and run this command:

                /opt/vmware/vpostgres/current/bin/psql -U omsdb

              2. Run viocli deployment configure.

                Note: This will incur some downtime.


              I know it did not work as when I generate an SSL CSR the IP is there and NOT the hostname. What am I doing wrong ?

              Maybe marinod73 and Sreec  has some insight.

              Thanks in advance.

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                DO you have any further insight into this as I tried the guide and it did not seem to change.