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    Unable to get GPU working....

    JayeshPatel65 Novice


      thanks for the help yesterday. i managed to get my node deployed and working. !!

      ive tried to create a gpu backed farm, but the gpu doesnt seem to be working. can you help? i may have missed a step



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          peterbrown05 Expert
          VMware Employees

          great to hear that you got your node up and running!

          for GPU there are a few things to do here....


          1. Image creation

          in order to create an image that can be used in a farm for gpu, you have to install the gpu drivers in that vm.

          its not possible to install the nvidia drivers if the hardware (in our case the M60 card in an NV6) is present

          --> as such, you *must* create the 'image' based on an NV6 backed machine. ie in the Imported-VM's page you need to select NV6 hardware when creating it

          Suggest when you create it, you name it to make it clear that this is GPU enabled . eg RDS-GPU-2k12


          also note we only support 2k12 in the initial release of Horizon Cloud Service on Azure. We will be adding 2k16 support soon! but for now its 2k12 only.


          2. Image Prep

          Right now, the auto-image creation service does NOT auto-install the gpu drivers. This is something we are looking to fix, but in the meantime, you need to manually install the nvidia drivers.

          Azure N-series driver setup for Windows | Microsoft Docs  details this pretty well, and provides the link for the NV6 drivers (its a different driver for 2k12 vs 2k16). RDP into the desktop, (recomend creating the image with a public ip address to simplify this, if your security permissions allow this) Download the drivers, install them, and then trigger a reboot.


          3. Convert VM to image

          Now, convert that desktop to an image in the normal way. This is a GPU enabled image


          4. Create RDS Farm(s)

          Finally, you can create farms using this image. Make sure when you do so that again you select the NV6 (GPU backed) size of vm for the farm. This will make sure that you now have a farm with a GPU hardware, with an image with the gpu drivers installed.



          Once you have your farm and login; I have found that using the little nvidia UI (find it in their application folder) allows you to see if the gpu is being used in the session or not.... (I cant remember its exact name/folder off hand), alternatively run the command line tool;  nvidia-smi  as per the doc link above .


          our main docs also detail this in a bit more detail than I have done here.


          hope this helps,




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            JayeshPatel65 Novice

            ah, yes. thank you. i hadn't installed the drivers in the imported vm!


            i should be able to easily fix this. thanks!