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    Unable to login in labs

    GajbhiyeSagar Lurker

      Which credential shall I use to login in LABS I am able to login in vmware hands on lab portal but not on labs ???

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          JoeyDieckhans Lurker
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          The Hands-on Labs uses a separate login than the main vmware.com website.  But registration for the Hands-on Labs is free and easy to do.   Just go to the main Hands-on Labs portal at   http://labs.hol.vmware.com    and click on the login/Register link at the top right of the screen.




          That will open the Login User Name and Password Prompt,   where you can login,  or reset your password if you have forgotten your password, or register if you are new to The Hands-on Labs Portal.




          If you have any issues logging in or setting up your account, you can email our support alias at  HOL-Feedback@vmware.com