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        dlhotka Virtuoso

        And there's a 30 day trial in the meantime.


        8.5.x was a free upgrade from 8.x.  This is the first new paid version in two years.  That's not bad considering it's relatively cheap for what it does (versus, for example, Workstation).

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          srinigvas Lurker
          VMware Employees

          You could try the steps listed in the below sequence:


          1) Disable SIP (System Integrity Protection)


          - Reboot your Mac machine into Recovery Mode by restarting the computer and holding down Command + R


          - Select Utilities -> Terminal


          - In terminal window, run the below command and press Enter.


              csrutil disable


          - Restart your Mac and boot to MacOS High Sierra


          P.S. To Enable and Disable SIP, please refer VMware KB article : https://kb.vmware.com/kb/2151780


          2) Delete the Boot Camp VM from Virtual Machine Library


          3) Delete the Boot Camp Folder at ~/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/Virtual Machines


          4) Eject the Boot Camp partition which is mounted on Mac Finder.


          5) Restart VMware Fusion and create the Boot Camp VM.


          6) Power on Boot Camp VM and Powered off the VM. Quit Fusion.


          7) Edit Boot Camp.vmdk file and change "RDONLY 6 FLAT" to "RW 6 ZERO"


          Steps to Edit BootCamp.vmdk

          7a) Navigate to location ~/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/Virtual Machines


          7b) Right Click on Boot Camp VM > select Show Package Contents


          7c) Open BootCamp.vmdk with Text Edit, locate "RDONLY 6 FLAT" and replace it with "RW 6 ZERO"


          8) Enable SIP by running “csrutil enable” on terminal in recovery mode on your Mac Machine


          9) Reboot and login to Mac OS and check the status of the Boot Camp Virtual Machine

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            DeltaCharlieLima Novice

            Thanks, yeah, I'll probably try for this.  I mean, I don't NEED High Sierra, I just WANT High Sierra.  In the meantime, Sierra and Fusion 8.5 run just fine.

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              mesrouilles Novice



              I tried this but it didn't work. As soon as SIP is enabled again Bootcamp VM can't start.

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                HarrytheHorse123 Lurker

                I have just done the same thing and got a similar result. VMware wont start at all

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                  jockmacmad Lurker

                  Looks like it's not flying with HS which I have already upgraded to. I need the Pro verison for ESX and so the upgrade cost is enough to make me think I'm going to hold off unless someone can confirm they have it working.


                  Of course my Bootcamp is not working anymore from VMware so I'm having to brush up on how to reboot to Windows 10

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