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        FhyrDrake Lurker


        Definitely want to upvote this issue. I just switched from VirtualBox to VMWare and it's memory and performance is significantly better, however the sharing issue between guest and host needs improvement. I'm having the same issue with Visual Studio as others have mentioned here. How can the community get your management to see this as an issue.



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          Mikero Master
          VMware Employees

          We see it and understand the issue. Fixing it isn't as simple as saying 'make it go faster', it's complicated stuff we're doing, but please rest assured that this is an area that I am focused on guiding the dev team to improving, along with building new and compelling features while addressing performance gaps in other areas.

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            FhyrDrake Lurker

            Thanks @mikero, didn't mean to imply that you weren't working on it or that it was easy. I tried very hard to make something like this work in VirtualBox and that was a nightmare (so I'm sure it isn't an easy fix). I'm going to stick with VMWare for the year (since I just bought it and it's a vast improvement over VirtualBox), but it will be a factor for me in future year(s) whether it will be worth an upgrade to Fusion 9, 10, 11, and so forth. I'm sure your team has a list of priorities, features vs performance, etc., so I wanted to mention that this issue is important to me. Good luck and thanks for the reply.

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              Reinoud Lurker



              What I don't understand is that this problem didn't exist (for me at least) in version 7. What is changed since version 7 that the performance is so bad?





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                BoukeYT Lurker

                This topic is amongst the reasons I've switched to Parallels. The original complaint is about 2 years old and still not resolved. I've mostly lost my confidence after VMware's inability to timely resolve crashing the latests MacBooks with Touchbar everytime it switched graphics cards. Must've lost quite a few hours of work due to this issue already.

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                  FusionUserHere Lurker

                  I Just switched from Parallels to Fusion 10. Like it a lot more... except for this terribly slow shared folder speed. I have to wait for an excel file to save- Odd, its not very big..


                  Any update on slow shared folder performance? I feel like I'm back working with AppleTalk.



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                    hanksterr7 Novice

                    I just solved this


                    I disabled Sophos antivirus on the mac, and the horrible performance in windows when accessing folders shared by the mac vanished!


                    I have all of the mirroring options enabled (desktop, downloads, documents, pictures, movies, music), and I also enable sharing of my users/<my name> folder on the mac. I tried excluding access to users/<my name> but the problem persists until I turn off "enable automatic scanning for maximum security" in the Sophos Home website that configures my local Sophos application


                    I tried first doing the virtual drive cleanup and that accomplished nothing


                    Hope this helps someone

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                      rvogo Lurker

                      For me too, over the past months, performance became absolutely unbearable.

                      I was not able to isolate what was the main issue, but various upgrades of Office (O365), Windows 7 to 10, Mac OS Sierra to High Sierra and Fusion 8 to 10 (for the High Sierra update)


                      Currently on Win7 / Office v1710 / Fusion 10.0.1 / Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1


                      Skimming through various posts led me to convert my VM's Virtual HW back from v14 to v11 , which did improve things quite drastically.

                      However, I still hat this slowness when browsing the shared folder with Windows Explorer stalling for up to 40s on initial access for no apparent reason.

                      Disabling/removing Sophos AV also did the trick, and this was completely unexpected because it was not showing any activity whatsoever. Thanks hanksterr7 for the very useful advice.

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                        henrykanke Lurker

                        I have the same slowness on shared folders.  MacOS host, windows 7 on Fusion. No Sophos antivirus installed on MacOS.


                        My setup for the shared folders are my Dropbox folder. I have dropbox installed in MacOS, and in win 7, access dropbox via shared folder.


                        Most of time it works ok. However from time to time, the win 7 will slow down as hell, everything is slow! Reboot sometime help sometime doesn't. If I disable the shared folder, then win 7 will back to normal.


                        I am thinking of install Dropbox on both MacOS and Win 7 so there will be dropbox folders in each OS. In this case, no shared folder is needed, but it means all my 30GB of dropbox files will be in both MacOS and win 7 which makes 60GB disk space usage!


                        Anyone has good advice/suggestion?

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                          dlhotka Master

                          I suspect you're having an interaction between the two daemons trying to access the shared folder.    If you stop the dropbox service, does performance improve?

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                            henrykanke Lurker

                            Quit dropbox on MacOS, still same. (There is no dropbox installed in win 7).

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                              SRNoyes Lurker

                              I want to express this as an issue needing addressed sooner than later. I wish I had 35 second build times given mine are (on a proper system with fast access or on Fusion's C: drive) 15 minutes. On VMWare Fusion with shared drives it is over 7 hours.


                              My workaround is to using a file sync allowing me to develop in OS X (I prefer Xcode - sue me) and have the files automatically Sync between the CM Workspace and the build drive on the C:


                              It would be great if I could eliminate the build folder and build out of my editing folder.

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                                dlhotka Master

                                For software builds, the old workaround was to use a USB drive attached directly to the guest.  Dramatic performance improvements, but of course, you can't access from the host at the same time.

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                                  kwaltman Novice

                                  I was getting my Windows 8.1 VM to freeze and eventually crash every time I tried to browse to a shared folder that had 65,000+ images in it. What is odd is that this used to work before. I suspended my Avast Virus scanner, and now it works like a Dickenson Orphan. I think windows is scanning those files, perhaps to build it's thumbnail DB files, and the virus scanner interrupt lags that so much that on 65,000 + files it just brings the VM to its knees. I was seeing severe delays also when changing to any folder that has a lot of files in it. But once I turned off the virus scanner, it changes almost instantly now.

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