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    Bulk import not collecting all unmanaged machines

    SENNAF1 Novice

      I have installed vRA 72, I have my blueprints done, configured vCO, created custom properties.  It is now time to import my existing VMs from vCenter 6.0 U3.


      When I run the Generate CSV to find all my unmanaged machines it does not collect all the machines.  I have about 20 machines that the csv generation does not find.  I am OK with creating a csv from scratch but I do not know where to find the virtual machine ID or the Deployment Name.  Do I even need these?


      I have an open case with support but they are dragging their feet.  I was hoping there was someone out there that can help me or point me and support in the correct direction.



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          qc4vmware Expert

          We ran into a bunch of issues with the bulk export utility and ended up writing our own.  It was fairly easy to put together... Lemme take a look at it and if I can package it all up I'll upload it.

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            qc4vmware Expert

            OK... I am attaching a package that should at least point you to where to get the values you need.  It has a config element and you'll also need to setup a couple of resource element folders for this to function.  It basically generates a csv similar to what the bulk import utility does and stuffs it into a resource.  You can download that and manually edit it.  I wrote a utility to finish filling in all the missing information.  It will for sure break for you but it might kick start you if you want to automate the whole process.  Start with the "QCbulkImportGenerateCsv".  Its designed to also fill in reservation and blueprint information since we imported one cluster at a time and each cluster was going to that same blueprint.  Good luck.