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    NVIDIA Driver passthrough (error core 43)

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      I'm using a NVIDIA Quadro P1000 and I can't install the driver properly


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          TheFunk35 Lurker

          I have run into this certain code before and usually changing one or two lines in the VM's vmx file fixes the issue. I prefer to do so manually as I've grown weary of GUIs with age, and for some reason making the changes in the GUI on my vcenter did not work appropriately.


          To edit the vmx file manually, you must first enable ssh on your ESXi host. This is fairly straightforward. You walk up to your KVM switch, sign in and change an option on one of the like 5 screens available to you.


          Then once you've SSH'ed into the host, cd to the root of the ESXi host filesystem and run ls. There should be a vmfs directory, cd to that and continue cd'ing until you find wherever you stored your VM's files.


          When you find your specific VM folder and files, there will be a .vmx file inside. ONLY EDIT THIS IF THE VM IS POWERED DOWN.

          Use cp to make a backup copy of the vmx file. Trust me. Do this. Do not skip this step.


          Then use vi from the ESXi shell to edit the vmx file. DO NOT EXPORT THE VMX FILE TO ANOTHER MACHINE AND USE A GRAPHICAL EDITOR. ONLY USE VI.


          Add the following two lines to the bottom of your vmx file:

          (Press i to enter insert mode in vi)


          hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = "FALSE"

          pciHole.start = "2048"


          (press ESC to exit insert mode and enter command mode)


          Save the file (type :wq and hit enter)


          Now try to boot your VM and install the driver again. Let me know how it goes.