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        smr222 Novice

        Thanks Camero


        I experienced the issue after the upgrade from VCSA 6.5.0-4944578 to 6.5.0-5973321 and the solution described in KB2151085 resolved it for me.

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          AvatharV Lurker

          I agree.  I had the same problem after the latest VCSA 6.5.0-5973321 update and the solution described in KB2151085 resolved it for me.


          I don't export VMs very often.  Mine is downloading a vmdk file.  Is that the expected result.  I thought that "Exporting an OVF" would give me an OVF file and not a vmdk file.


          Am I missing something?

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            a.p. Guru
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            OVF export creates multiple files. The OVF file is only a descriptor/metadata file, the .vmdk file contains the virtual disk.

            In the past it was possible to export to an OVA, which is basically a single archive that contains all the required files.



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              AvatharV Lurker

              Thanks for the reply Andre, but that is exactly my question.


              In vCenter6.5, when I choose "Export as a OVF", when the process is done I only see a vdmk file.  No OVF or OVA file, or any other files.


              My question is, "Is this operating correctly?"

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                unixdev Lurker

                Hello everyone,


                I have tested various possibilities and work-a-rounds of this particular issue in my VMware Enterprise vCenter Environment at work.

                I am running: Version Build 5973321


                If i use the vSphere Web Client (FLASH) I get the same error like everyone else has posted. That it's not supported on this version, blah blah blah. However, if i use the vSphere Web Client (HTML5) version, it appears to work fine but takes a long time validate the file when browsing and selecting the .OVA from local disk.


                The purpose of this reply to the original post: I Hope this helps people that have the same version as me or newer that have still been experiencing this same error when doing OVF/OVA imports and so forth. I also prefer this method as it does not require any modifications or third party tools, or working around vCenter in regards to connecting to individual hosts directly, that reside within a cluster.. as you shouldn't have to for something like this.


                Extra note(s): I only started investigating this issue as of yesterday afternoon. So i do apologize if my information has come late but i did read through all the existing replies and noticed that one reply even stated that HTML5 version of the vSphere Web Client does NOT support OVF/OVA import/export at all. However, on the version that I am currently running and managing (as specified above), this is definitely not the case and it is definitely supported. It is the only method that I have found and thoroughly test that is working for me to successfully upload an OVA file for an appliance via URL or Local Disk. Also, as a side note to this issue; I had not previously had any issues prior to the last upgrade that we completed across all of our blades "VMware Hosts" throughout our environment. In-fact i'm 99% certain that the original 6.5 version officially released that I upgraded us to initially from the final 6.0 version at that time, did not have ANY of these OVF/OVA import/export issues in general.


                PS: I will also check and review the latest VMware KB / Articles that have been released to see what is stated officially as of current date vs. what I have stated above in regards to this "bug". Since it does work for me in the HTML5 version but NOT the Flash version, i'm actually beginning to think that it may just be another step towards them phasing out the older "original" Flash based Web Client.. I wouldn't be surprised. It would be definitely be premature though (In my opinion at least) since there are still a lot of features missing or unsupported in the HTML5 based version of the vSphere Web Client. So, after I have done my due diligence by completing the necessary remaining research, I will then post an update here if I do find out anything else that would be helpful for anyone at all. I also have the capabilities to spin up test environments of any of the available versions at any given time, which may be helpful in this particular scenario. We'll see what i run into before I elaborate any further on this.


                Sorry for the long winded post everyone. I wanted to keep it informative but straight to the point. However, my first draft was not near thorough enough for me.

                FYI - The most important information is at the top, prior to any "Notes, Extra Info, PS, etc".


                Attachments: The first two images are showing the Version and Error message directly within my vSphere Web Client (Flash Version). The second two images are showing the Version and the OVF/OVA Import dialog display successfully and Error free from directly within my vSphere Web Client (HTML5 Version).



                Best regards,


                Kevin C. Brown

                Systems Engineer II

                Virtualization Specialist

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                  LeslieBNS9 Enthusiast

                  Looks like there is a fix now with KB2151085. It worked for me after upgrading to VCSA 6.5 Update 1. I am also running

                  Version Build 5973321

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                    unixdev Lurker

                    I implemented this "work-a-round" today in my environment and it did in-fact fix the problem. This is by no means a true fix though. This has to do with the migrated file not having or using the original file name because it appends a different extension to it. VMware will have to fix this actual issue in the next release.


                    However, I didn't find or see any downside to implementing this work around to fix the problem. I definitely recommend it for the fix currently.


                    Best regards,


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                      AvatharV Lurker

                      I tried KB2151085 and I am also running vCenter Version Build 5973321.  I even opened a ticket with VMWare to get some resolution.  Their ultimate answer was to export the OVF from the actual host.  This was fine by me, if it was going to work.


                      Upon trying that, I got about 16.2GB into a 18GB download and it would fail, reporting Network error.


                      I finally resorted the the OVFTool.  The syntax was confusing and didn't look like it was giving me the options I needed.  I finally found a page with a better example of the tool syntax.


                      I installed it on my vRanger server and ran:


                                C:\Program Files\VMWare\VMWareOVF Tool> ovftool "vi://root@<password>@<IP of VM host>:443\<VM server folder>" "H:\OVF\<VM server name>.ova"


                      This seems to have worked for me.

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                        DKramkowski Novice

                        This (KB2151085) didn't work for me. After performing the steps, I got a bunch of messages that said 'An error occurred while starting the service' multiple times, but with nothing useful. My vCenter has been upgraded form 6.0, to 6.5, to 6.5U1. The OVF deployment functionality worked before I upgraded to 6.5U1.



                        It's basically acting like the 'ts-config.properties' file isn't even there - for grins, I deleted it and tried to start the service and got the same exact message. Coped the ts-config.properties.rpmnew.orig to ts-config.properties and tried to start the service, same thing again. Deleted the 'new' ts-config.properties and copied the original backup to ts-config.properties and same message.


                        Tried to deploy it using the HTML5 client and it seemed to start to work, but failed before I got to the deploy page. Now that the service it broken, it is greyed out int he HTML5 client.


                        When I tried to deploy it directly to a host, I got:

                        'Failed  - Access to resource settings on the host is restricted to the server that is managing it:'


                        Not good that this is broken...




                        I got it fixed and was able to upload the OVA - I don't know why it didn't work the first time, but copying the files changed the permission of the destination file, so the service couldn't use the file. I removed the ts-config.properties file, copied the ts-config.properties.rpmnew.orig file to ts-config.properties, fixed the permissions and it was able to start, and after a browser refresh, I was able to start uploading the OVA, but now it's failing for other random reasons. One time it complained the 'OVF Descriptor was not available', one time it complained that the checksum didn't match for one of the VMDKs, and then 'Invalid Response Code:500'.


                        Never had these issues before 'upgrading' to 6.5U1, and certainly not before 'upgrading' to 6.5 and losing the C# client. The Web client sucks so bad.

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                          Robertl301 Lurker

                          Trying to apply KB 2151085 fix. Try to do the file move but I don't have a ts-config.properties.rpmnew in /etc/vmware-content-library/config/.   What to do?




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                            wreedMH Enthusiast

                            Did you ever get this fixed Robert301?

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                              MinoDC Novice

                              Hello to all...

                              I've same problem as Robert...I can't find ts-config.properties.rpmnew file...


                              I've installed VCSA 6.5 U1e (latest) as fresh installation

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                                sarikrizvi Enthusiast

                                Issue :- Unable to deploy OVF/OVA in vCenter 6.5 VSCA


                                Troubleshooting Steps #

                                1. Install trusted root CA certificates - KB - 2147256 - VMware Knowledge Base

                                2. For this error "The OVF descriptor is not available", apply this KB - 2151085 - VMware Knowledge Base
                                3. Use full FQDN of your vCenter Like - https://vcenter.vmware.com/vsphere-client/

                                Use above three steps and issue will get resolved

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                                  wreedMH Enthusiast

                                  Unfortunately the above steps do not work for everybody. I tired all those and they did NOT work.


                                  I ended up deploying a new vCenter.

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                                    sarikrizvi Enthusiast

                                    I tried all these steps and working for me and it should worked for others too but may require some more troubleshooting.