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    VM reregsiter as existing VM, because of backup

    Gabrie Master


      So we had a big issue and needed to hard remove VMs from an ESXi host and then reregister them again. Unfortunately now the backup sees them all as new VMs and is making a full backup, taking up a lot of extra space of course.



      - Is there anyway to fix this?

      - Should we have reregistered them in a different way? (Now we browsed to VM folder, right click vmx and register)

      - Were there other options to remove the VMs marked as inaccessible from a host that is still running but doesn't see the storage anymore. We had to present a copy of the datastore to a different host in the same vCenter.

      - When using the new VMotion between vCenter Server feature, would the MofID of the VM remain the same or would this also trigger a new full backup (if the backup product can even find the vm now).