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    Guest OS is crashed

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      I am using VM for SAP PI practice. i got the dump installed in my external hard disk. So i have vmdk and vmx files in HDD.

      When i tried to access those files in the vm, the vmx file is worked for the first time and after getting the vm tools updated,

      the guest OS (Windows server 2003 enterprise) is turned to black screen with underscore at the top left corner.


      every time i turn on , the same issue occurs.


      please help me out.


      i have attached the log file also.

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          Looking at this section:


          2017-12-07T18:36:16.958+05:30| vmx| I120: DISK: Disk 'E:\p71\p71.vmdk' has UUID '60 00 c2 9e 6b 48 6a ec-43 f0 e0 4d c7 8d a7 39'

          2017-12-07T18:36:16.958+05:30| vmx| I120: DISK: OPEN 'E:\p71\p71.vmdk' Geo (975258/16/63) BIOS Geo (61192/255/63)

          2017-12-07T18:36:17.199+05:30| vmx| I120: DISKUTILWIN32: DiskUtilW32IsATASSDDevice: Failed to send ATA IDENTIFY command to the target device.

          2017-12-07T18:36:17.199+05:30| vmx| I120: DISKUTILWIN32: DiskUtilW32IsScsiSSDDevice: IOCTL_SCSI_GET_ADDRESS failed.

          2017-12-07T18:36:17.200+05:30| vmx| I120: FILE: FileDeletionRetry: Non-retriable error encountered (E:\p71\p71.vmx~): The system cannot find the file specified (2)


          Does the E:\p71\p71.vmdk file exist?