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    Changes in Policy not saved

    Hoelzeli Novice

      Hi all


      I need to set a maintenance-schedule on http-check objects, bit policy-changes are not being saved.


      So, I did the following:

      1. created a maintenance-schedule

      2. created a new policy for the http-sites

      3. In the policy-library, I edited the policy

      4. in the analysis-setting I clicked 'add settings for new set of objects' and added 'http-checks' from 'Ep Ops Adapter'

      5. "unlocked" time-range and selected the maintenance-schedule I created before.

      6. Save the policy.

      7. nothing from my settings were saved. The 'analysis-settings' are empty.


      Tried it on my productive and on my test-environment. It's the same on both systems...


      What am I doing wrong? Can anyone reproduce this?


      Kind regards