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    Odd Network Issues Since Migrating Environment From vSphere 6U3 > 6.5U1

    coolsport00 Enthusiast

      Hello all -

      Need your assistance if you can spare a few - have been having definitive network issues in 6.5 U1. Seems to be vDS related. Haven't noticed issues when Host/VMs run on vSS. What issues? VMs occasionally not ping'ing. Cisco Voice servers not getting NTP info from 'cluster' member VM (2 VMs per Cluster for those familiar with Cisco - pub/sub servers). Domain Controller VMs having occasional communication issues (this one I'm not convinced on but my Director seems to think there's an issue here). When VMs run on vSS...issues seem to have dissipated. Weird for sure.


      Also, when I was beginning the migration from 6U3 > 6.5U1, and disconnected Hosts from old (6.0U3) VCSA & connecting them to new (6.5U1) VCSA, our "services" (web UI's, DC connectivity, etc.) went down even though VM guest OS & OS (Windows) services didn't go down. We had to reboot all VMs. Never had this happen when just connecting Hosts with running VMs to a new vCenter. Has anyone else ever had this happen? And none of this, Host Connection issue or the vDS issue I described earlier has ever happened before. Anyone else seeing "odd" network issues with 6.5U1?...and seemingly mainly when running on vDS? I've been Googling for quite a while and haven't seen anything out there (yet). My org doesn't have VMware Support unfortunately, so I can't pursue this from a VMW Support perspective, sadly. :/


      Thanks in advance.