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    Mouse not working - vsphere 6.5 WEB CONSOLE and REMOTE CONSOLE using web browser via RDP/MSTSC session - Stop the madness

    dinad Novice

      Hi all


      When connecting to vcenter 6.5 appliance as well as directly to an ESXI host via web browsers in a windows RDP remote desktop/mstsc , the mouse becomes unavailable/stops working both WEB CONSOLE and the REMOTE CONSOLE.


      I have tried Firefox, Chrome and IE - Same issue


      I have tried both Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 -Same issue


      This happens in the console which opens in a separate browser window.


      This all used to work quite fine in vsphere version 6 and all versions below.


      KB articles suggest installing vmware tools BUT here is the issues:


      It's all very well to say 'install vmware tools' but how (apart from battling with a keyboard in windows) do you install or complete the installation WITHOUT THE  MOUSE ???


      What has changed ? And why ?


      Does some kind soul have a fix for this or know if there's and update for this issue?


      ****** AN UPDATE : this issue occurs throughout installation and persists until vmware tools is installed.

      I have to use the keyboard all the way through installation and then to complete the vmware tools installation.

      Once vmware tools is installed the mouse works again.

      I would appreciate if someone knows of a fix for this and also whther or not this issue is fixed in vcenter 6.5b and esxi 6.5 a versions.

      I look forward to any replies or comments.


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          Eric_Allione Enthusiast

          The trick to mouse finesse is to use CTL+ALT when it disappears on you or gets trapped by the VM.


          However, the mouse is just going to be awful until you manage to get VMware Tools on there. Once you get passed the Single-Sign-On screen it gets a little bit easier, but if in the Web Client it might take some guessing just to get to something like "Switch User". However, if you use the console from the Windows Client, unsupported in 6.5 or not, the mouse behaves much better before you can get it installed. Once you managed to click on that mounted CD-ROM for VMware Tools then you're in the clear with the next next next.


          Another option which someone recently brought to my attention is to try using the VMRC (Remote Console) to overcome mouse issues. If you don't want to try that, and you insist on using the Web Client to get VMware Tools going, then if you right click on the VM rather than use the embedded console window from the tabs above than the mouse behaves better. By doing this it opens a new window rather than embed it in the vSphere display.

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            dinad Novice

            @ Eric ..thanks for the reply :-)

            FOR THE RECORD .. did you read my message correctly ?

            Believe you me I've been all over this like a bad rash ..


            CTRL+ALT ... been there done that .. it only releases the NON-EXISTENT MOUSE ... did you read the problem I described ?

            (OLD TRICK .. teach this dog some new ones ..)


            I have now verified this issue .. it is prevalent in both vcenter 6.5 as well as when connected to a stand-alone host ! \

            rdp web console bugs.JPG

            It is insanely frustrating and hurtful that vmware insist on either not testing this stuff or releasing semi-tested software continuously .. these basic things are NOT difficult to test at all !

            I have TESTED this and while testing realized there is a new update released about two weeks ago now.

            The updates are for both vsphere and esxi 6.5 (yip that's right .. update b ..mmm are we going from alpha to beta in a GA ? )


            So I thought I'll just set the whole lab up again , this time using 6.5b


            Well I have spent a full 24 hours setting it all up again .. and finally 6.5b is up and running.


            I anxiously created a new virtual machine ( first windows 2012) and after MUCH STRUGGLE just assigning a hard disk .. yes another bug it seems .... imagine that ..

            the issue is that the default disk is set for THIN provision but if the datastore is less capacity than the thin provisioned disk the wizard generates and error , which is fine but unless you actually double click the THIN provision option OR click a THICK option, and assume that THIN is the default once you click finish an error appears saying the disk space is not enough ...AAAARGH ~!!!!

            Then to add insult to injury you have the ISO selection ... OMG what a JOKE ! Sometimes you can select and click the datastore option and sometimes you can click it stupid and it doesn't select.

            then you may have to refresh the window or log out and then back in again and then it may work.

            If you did actually manage to select the datastore browser and it worked you are taken to a window to select your ISO from a list of files .....

            GUESS WHAT . ?


            Ok so off or refresh the browser window (whichever works for you ..maybe try a combo if it doesn't and you may be successful).

            then you can maybe see the files to select your installation ISO .. at last ..yaaay!

            Now what I've also noticed is that sometimes the connect at power on is not there or gets deselected somehow (UN-DEVINE INTERVENTION).


            So after all of this the result is .... : THE MOUSE NOW WORKS ! ...YES sort of like it used pre-vsphere 6.5

            BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE (OR LESS .. more is less and less is more right ?) ......


            Now that the mouse works (a revelation perhaps for some like me).. you now are presented a kind of newer console with ...WAIT ...STOP ... I can't see it now because there's an UNHANDLED EXCEPTION(1) ERROR ... HAHA try google this one baby !

            Now if this isn't a sign of BAD CODE then what is ??????

            Ok the UNHANDLED EXCEPTION (1) (non-hyphenated of course because that would be proper English right ? And we code , to hell with english right ?) says to refresh the browser because ' we recommend refreshing and submitting a bug report' ...

            And this is possible of course if you're in a datacenter which is CANNED and non-internet facing ... Security in a datacenter ?? HUH what's that ?

            Yes of course all client datacenters are internet facing ...and no NONE of them are in remote locations or off-site ..right ?

            An no-one out there really uses RDP connections much right .. ? I mean RDP tunnels in RDP tunnels and then a vmware console inside that .. gee who even does that ... ?

            Because if for example I happened to hear that I should maybe try the VMRC (an option that is available as you you launch the client) ... you try it by making the selection from the console which isn't really working to well (yip it sort of works but hey who cares if it doesn't fully work right , I mean we've tested it in our local dev environment and not in the most obvious places or situations like real client remote connections ..right ? That of course is fine right ? I mean we can always figure it out in the updates and if clients really want to they will eventually hear about it right ? )


            So on with the program (well a sort of program which sort of works after sort of programming,  after all , code is code ..good or bad right ?)


            Ok so now I'm back and finally have the ISO mounted and this after a few refreshes of the web browser and one or two log off and log on's ..... take a deep breath buddy production and business can wait.


            Ok so I have the console now and BE CAREFUL ... DO NOT DOUBLE-CLICK .. that brings up a window sizing frame that looks like something one might find when you paste a picture in mspaint or you're cutting and pasting in mspaint (A far more superior program I think).

            So once you've figured out that this is some sort of resolution or screen sizing/setting tool then pat yourself on the back ... and make sure you have something hard to bite on because you have a little work ahead trying to figure out how to get it out of your way... (click the tiny cross with the arrows on top left of transparent frame)

            and if you happen to try set the size by dragging the dotted frame around then you will probably end up with a lovely blank screen (color is chosen automatically) but where is the Windows desktop now ....AAAARGH !

            So close the console and open a new one and don't double click !!

            Move slowly , too fast and you are out of the frame or playing with a drunk mouse !


            OK .. now that we have a SORT OF WORKING CONSOLE it's time for VMWARE TOOLS (praying this helps ...eeeek!)


            So once you've figured out where the option is (top right of new console , along with options for virtual keyboard ..heheh some devs also probably had issues .. GOOD ..feel my pain or at least part of it ...the best is yet to soome when I realize how much time and money I've lost battling with this flaky management product PUI (pooey, in fact stinky pooey and oh so clunky)


            Now back to business (maybe) ....


            Ok so I fired up vmware tools install , procedure is to find where to select guest and then select it and select install vmware tools.


            and wait ....

            dude just wait ...

            and wait ...

            it's not working ...SIGH


            So into the OS I go hi-ho hi-ho .. the vmware tools ISO is mounted but not launched .. click it don't double-click it ..I said don't double-click dammit!


            AAAAH at last some responsiveness from the mouse wooohoo !


            I can sort of work now in a console screen that sort of responds but isn't very intuitive (Did anyone actually do any end user testing and actually ask people what they might like in terms of layout and user-friendliness .. I think NOT !)


            Now go easy please... you have a locked windows screen where you need to login right ?

            So normally (based on legacy operations through years gone by with vmware product) one would click in the console (not double-click!) and press CTRL+ALT+INSERT (used to be a local login right ?) well good luck with that one :-) ... you need to select the ACTIONS (link/button/option) on t the top right of the console windows and then select GUEST OS , SEND KEYS and select CTRL+ALT+DELETE via a mouse click ...always easy in these remote in remote in console sessions that hardly anyone in the world uses ..right ?)


            and then ....right click the desktop .. and ooh that lovely transparent frame is back ...YAY.....




            Three words come to mind here ...STOP THE MADNESS !


            C'mon guys ... you're taking us back in time to early ILO java sessions ...do you actually think clients are loving this ?

            This is seriously testing our patience.


            You say the c# client is DEAD .. but how the hell do you manage these vm's now ..this  has become something BEYOND A JOKE !!!!!!!!


            PS . I certainly hope the moderators here have the gumption(assertiveness) to actually post this.

            And i sincerely hope this helps others to at least get to manage their vm's too.


            OH and the final straw was this post ... trying to just upload an image here freezes good old firefox and you end up with a browser not responding but thank goodness firefox retained all of my post after the re-load.


            OH AND FOR THE RECORD .. let's not even mention the VMRC ... but if you really want to entertain that thought, by all means try it .. first battle around with the plug-in a little (otherwise you miss the fun stuff) and then open it up to find the missing mouse , if you can of course, assumming you don't have a blank screen and hopefully you've had a littrle more fun checking out the KB that points to checking the firewall and ports etc etc.

            this of course with you knowing full well that all used to work pre-vsphere 6.5

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              dinad Novice

              Hi Eric


              See my post :


              So after all of this the result is .... : THE MOUSE NOW WORKS ! ...YES sort of like it used pre-vsphere 6.5

              BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE (OR LESS .. more is less and less is more right ?) ......"




              PS ...@ Eric .. are you using 6.5 and 6.5b and have you actually experienced this behavior ?

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                bluefirestorm Master



                I didn't read your lengthy post. But judging by the screenshot, it looks like you have displaying scaling on the PC/laptop where you run your RDP session (the font for the RDP title looks bigger than the font of the session it hosts, while the digital clock face font in the win2k console looks bigger as well).


                If your PC/laptop has display scaling, set it back to 100%. It is likely the cause of your mouse madness was this to begin with. If the different sessions aren't aware of the scaling it is easy for the mouse to be unusable amongst the different sessions/consoles. An analogy is one mouse in the console moves in centimetres while mouse in the outer session moves in inches (different units therefore different scaling factor), so it is easy for the mouse pointer to be lost/unusable.


                It would be best for all sessions/console display set at 100%.


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                  Eric_Allione Enthusiast

                  I am rebuilding my whole lab to the newest distros this weekend and I'll let you know if the mouse acts weird. I'll be using Windows 2016 Server for some of my guests.


                  But regardless whether VMware vSphere or VMware Fusion is being used, the mouse goes in and out of existence and functionality unless VMware Tools in installed. Just as simple as that. If you want to see how something should be working just try the relevant Hands on Lab.


                  As usual, BlueFirestorm's advice is solid. I've already recognized this same point from a different thread as the singular thing [scaling] that caused a major latency problem on Windows 10 in Fusion.

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                    dinad Novice

                    @ bluefirestorm .. cool will check that ..

                    @ Eric .. awesome .. I seriously am looking forward to your feedback .. try winstal Windows 8.x , 2012, 2016 all version , use the RDP console , the web console client and the HTML 5.


                    I have been battling with this flaky'' new software'' (all for lack of words because the term software doesn't quite make the grade - below par'!) for over a week now in my labs and it's just not cool.!


                    **********JUST A QUICK UPDATE :

                    You may notice when using the vsphere client 6.0 update 3 on 6.5 that after deploying a .ova the vm's dont show in the inventory ... log out and log back in and they may appear ..or just wait and wait and wait .. be patient.

                    It's a little like the web client now where you can't quite believe what you're seeing :-(

                    you'll find yourself second guessing yourself .. Oh and also be sure to select summary on your host in all the clients with focus on resources .. try make sense of the resources view in the HTML 5 client ..would love some feedback..I really did prefer and still prefer the view of resources (all in one overiview) in the c# vsphere client. << Tip for the HTML 5 client team if you're reading this of course.



                    For a start try with a version above the base version 6.5. (That's where I started - at least back there the c# client was still usable to a point!)

                    So begin with these two if you like : (the b version apparently)

                    VMware-VMvisor-Installer-201701001-4887370.x86_64.iso (ESXi)

                    VMware-VCSA-all-6.5.0-5178943.iso (vcenter appliance)

                    Oh and if you can maybe go here for the vsphere client patches (ho hum...) :


                    If you like you can start with an earlier (stable as far as I'm concerned) version of it ...well at least for 6.0 :

                    For the true experience of it all ... be sure to throw in a deadline or two and tell your partner'/wife etc you're going to be up late ...late nights, ulcers, pressure from clients etc etc

                    In sequence be sure to install these ( try each one meticulously) :

                    VMware vSphere Client 6.0 Update 2VMware-viclient-all-6.0.0-3562874.exehttp://vsphereclient.vmware.com/vsphereclient/3/5/6/2/8/7/4/VMware-viclient-all-6.0.0-3562874.exe
                    VMware vSphere Client 6.0 Update 2aVMware-viclient-all-6.0.0-4437566.exehttp://vsphereclient.vmware.com/vsphereclient/4/4/3/7/5/6/6/VMware-viclient-all-6.0.0-4437566.exe
                    VMware vSphere Client 6.0 Update 3VMware-viclient-all-6.0.0-5112508.exehttp://vsphereclient.vmware.com/vsphereclient/5/1/1/2/5/0/8/VMware-viclient-all-6.0.0-5112508.exe


                    Here's the link to the main page in case you battle to find it :

                    Download URLs for VMware vSphere Client (2089791) | VMware KB


                    For nearly two weeks now I have been battling with this issues and it's now around 1 AM and I have decided to try this new update 6.5d ... (again there is sketchy info about what it brings or fixes :-( ... sad sad sad !) It's currently downloading and I will have an update tomorrow for any true vmware product lovers like me reading this.

                    the versions are :



                    Oh and for some good fun check out the INFORMATION and RELEASE (OF NO USE) NOTES links :


                    VMware vSphere 6.5.0d Release Notes


                    THIS ONE IS TRULY HELPFUL : (UH HUH) : Full Patch for VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.5.0d (2149221) | VMware KB


                    Chat soon and good luck :-) and best of luck installing WINDOWS too :-) no mouse and keyboard only .. no vmware tools until product is installed remember.



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                      dinad Novice

                      @ Bluefirestorm


                      Will report back back on scaling and see if there's any difference ..TY for the tip.


                      Just thought I'd send an update ( Windows 8.1 control panel slightly different)


                      Dcontrol panel display settings - Copy.JPG

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                        dinad Novice

                        @ Eric .. Hands On Lab is a CANNED ENVIRONMENT .. NOT REAL LIFE ! In real life we have service packs updates bugs and the like to deal with, so yes they're a great reference of how it all should work but sadly a far cry from the product that's with us in the trenches ..not so  ? :-)

                        Looking forward to hearing about your ordeal too :-)


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                          dinad Novice

                          Hello vSportfans :-)

                          First of all @BLUEFIRESTORM ... thank you kindly .. the scaling tip was part of the nightmare

                          @ Eric .. thanks for tips and sanity checks :-)



                          Ok I promised feedback ..and here it is :


                          For vsphere 6.5b (this included esxi and vcenter) :

                          I installed both Windows 2008 64bit and Windows 2012 64bit

                          Using webclient 6.0.0 build 5112508 : Mouse behavior at least acceptable (slow but you can get around to complete your install)


                          Then using firefox to connect to the esxi server directly and

                          using each of the following options in turn:

                          Open browser console

                          Open console in new window

                          Open console in new tab

                          NO MOUSE cursor whatsoever for intallation (all the way through) nor after completion of setup :-(

                          You also get some really strange transparent window appearing whenever you double click in the console for the vm .. see my original post  (It looks like a scaling/sizing window appearing ??)


                          Then I selected open console but this time I chose "Launch remote console'

                          Since I dont'/didn't have the VMRC isntalled firefox prompted me to open in the vmware workstation application.

                          AND that works like the classic c# client ...responsive and what I would consider noral (like it used to be for years gone by using the vmware esx product) YIPPPEEE !


                          And last but not least I'm about to install the VMRC ...so here goes :

                          (Hoping I don't have to close browser or reboot :-( )


                          Ok .. first a blocked popup message .. I allow it because I want to download the VMRC.

                          Oh no it redirects me here Download VMware vSphere

                          But hey what if I don't have access to the internet .. I'm working in a datacenter which is not connected to the world ..it's secure (like most datacenters ..not so ?)

                          Ok so off I go to find some 'safe hotspot' and then contact the security team to ask if I may run this little add-on .. but what ports should I tell them it uses .. the info page is sparse ..sigh!

                          And oh it looks a little dated :

                          VMware Remote Console 9.0 for Windows

                          File size: 22.11 MB

                          File type: msi


                          Starting to sound like hard work again ...time time time ....aaargh!

                          Oops and now I've got to sign in @ myvmware ... seriously ?? Aargh again !

                          Ok anyways .. signed in and downloading at last .

                          vmware-VMRC build number-9.0.0-4288332.msi

                          and now to install ...

                          Windows smartscreen detecetd a unrecognized app running this app might put your pc at risk (Yip indeed anything is possible )...yippee ..more fun ...

                          Ok .. more info .. pubisher unknown .. but of course !

                          OK RUN ANYWAY ..it's vmware right ?

                          YAY done .. zero reboot .. don't have to close any browsers ...yay.

                          Ok here goes ...

                          Launch remote console .. (workstation choice now not available ..damn would have liked that to stay :-( )

                          Certificate question ( ok trust it this time ..I think )

                          And wow it's working .. same response as workstation at least and I can finally click things and next install vmware workstation.


                          So that's it ...problems solved ! ...

                          Now I just have to get used to the crazy behavior of the vsphere (c#) client which leaves vm's displayed in a strange state for example showing them greyed out and powered off even thought they are powered on ( and then when you power on a message stating it cannot be done in current state .. yes 'that's right of course it's powered on but doesn't show you) ..anyways c# is dead isn't it ? And since it dead I shouldn't have had to use it to solve the issues I had right ?

                          the other issue is deploying OVA's and losing OVA settings when importing but oh well that's a whole different kettle of bad fish!

                          The steps to success are :

                          Check your video scaling is set correctly

                          - Use the new clients (revert to using keyboard if you have to to complete install) - make sure you have the correct and latest (or at least matching) versions otherwise you may encounter black screens or other weird issues... there are a few kb's on them .. like checking the firewall(s) between you and the vm/host.

                          - You might also want to un-install any previous version of the c# and web client completely first (I had to do that at some stage to escape the blank console screen issue)

                          - As a safety net of fall back use the c# vsphere client for version 6 update 3 <see above for links for download>

                          - if you have not installed the VMRC select workstation (or player - i think although not tested)



                          @ ERIC .. good luck I truly hope it's a smooth ride for you setting up your lab too :-) and thanks for the pointers throughout


                          Lastly .. thanks to everyone in the community who still have the same passion for the product .. you rock !


                          Will update on my 6.5d findings in the next few days hopefully :-)



                          PS .. I took the time to write this in the hopes that it will help others too

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                            Eric_Allione Enthusiast

                            Thank you for sharing your experience. I had to cut the lab experience off for 6-8 weeks because I have a new VMware job that I'm moving across a few timezones for and I need to put all my stuff on a barge.


                            Just a quick point, you mentioned Server 2008. If that's not R2 and only Service Pack 1 then it's not supported for installing vCenter. Reference: VMware Compatibility Guide, Supported host operating systems for VMware vCenter Server installation (including vCenter Update Manager and vRealize O…


                            But you are using the VCSA based on your previous post? I was just thinking that if it can't even host vCenter then maybe the version of Windows Server you're using could be adding extra headache.

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                              CDavis106 Lurker

                              connect to your vSphere server using VM workstation.  Open the console to server you are having issues with.  I was able to have full keyboard control and mouse control after connecting via VM workstation 11.1.4.  Remember the old FAT client does not work with vSphere 6.5


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                                kamyab Lurker

                                hi did your problem solved? and can you now use the mouse before installing vmwaretools? if not i have a tip want you to try go to your hosted machine settings in ESXi i mean when you have the problem not after instaling vmware tools and then add a USB controller and save then see if you still have the problem or not and pls tell me the result.

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                                  fgw Enthusiast

                                  Yes adding an usb controller seems to solve this issue!




                                  actually, installing vmwaretools solved this issue for me, while adding an usb controller makes the mouse useable again (still some lagging), installing vmwaretools really solved it.


                                  was testing automated installations of windows vm's and had installation of vmwaretools not yet implemented when i observed this behavior.

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