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    RDS Farm Application pools

    ChevUribe Enthusiast

      Encountered an issue when there is  an app hosted in 3 RDS hosts configured as 1 farm.

      The error was that it is looking for a specific path that is not available on 1 of the 3 hosts.

      Checked the 3 servers and found that the app is located on the same path for 3 servers.

      But the version of the app on the affected server is lower than on the 2 other servers.

      We updated the app version and was able to access the app via HTML.


      My question is, what is the best practice or procedure when upgrading the app version per host with no or minimum disruption to the users.

      This is critical since, when the error was encountered; even for the path is the same... app will not work since there is version mismatch for the 3 hosts.