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    Cluster Already Configured For VXLAN Error

    benjamin000 Enthusiast

      We added a new host to our Management Cluster like we have dont many times without fail however this last time was troublesome as we have run our of IP addresses in the IP pool.


      As NSX stated we still have 5 left we had to release the IPs via the API and then we could add the vxlan vibs successfully however now in this cluster we have an error stating that the Cluster is already configured for VXLAN and we are unable to use any of the resolve functions as when this is selected the same error appear as in the screenshot below.


      Some website said it may be something in the cluster that is causing a conflict but apart from that there is very little published about this error.


      Creating a new Cluster and moving the hosts to the new cluster would more than likely fix the issue but because we run VIO changing to a different cluster would cause all sorts of issues with VIO is suspect.


      By the way all the Hosts and VMs in that Cluster still work fine.

      We are using NSX 6.3.1  vSphere 6.0U3


      Any ideas ?