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    vSphere 6.5 + Host Profiles + vDS Networks

    BattleNerd Novice



      Was wondering if anyone could help, i'm trying to setup a Host Profile from a reference host and apply that same profile to 7 other hosts.


      I created a vanilla host never used but fully configured, I applied the host profile to another vanilla host that only was added to vcenter and accessible by vcenter.


      When I apply the host profile the host stops communicating to vCenter, and all PING packets start getting dropped.


      When I connect via console to the host, i've noticed the Management Services show a I am no longer able to configure Management Networks and am forced to reset the management network.


      When I finally get the host back accessible in vcenter, I look at the configuration set so far, and all vDS Networks are configured, but the Management VMKernel is still on vSwitch0 and no physical NICs are applied to any of the vDS Uplinks.


      Does anyone have any logs I can look at, when I look at hostd.log I'm not seeing anything worthwhile, but I could be missing something, any help would be great, thanks!

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