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    Writeable Volumes vs. App Stack?

    JHBPJF Novice

      We had a consultant setup our new Horizon environment with App Volumes. In it's current state, it isn't how we want it, but maybe we were sold on the idea which the software isn't capable of doing. Our setup is we have a golden image with main applications. We want to assign users who want to install individual applications that is not the standard a writeable volume. We were told that this writeable volume would follow them which ever machine they are put on. The applications will follow as well. I'm having issues installing applications like Minitab, Visio, and Project when assigned a writeable volume. They either lose registration, icons disappear, or fail to even launch even though the application is there.


      1. I'm thinking I may not be collecting everything necessary

      2. Or writeable volumes doesn't function the way it is


      I've researched articles and it looks like Visio/Project are better created as App Stacks, but why doesn't our logic work with writeable volumes work the same way?