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    Host Profile Idiosyncracies?

    mckenp Lurker

      Hi All,


      I've started the review and application of host profiles across our datacentres and clusters - an interesting task in standardisation and has highlighted a number of inconsistencies in both our infrastructure and the creation/application of host profiles (6.5). Has anyone else come across these?


      1) Not all advanced configuration items are available in Web Client


      My requirement was to standardise a logdir for hosts and have the profile create a subdirectory for its owning host; the option for statically assigning a location was fine (VMware Knowledge Base)


      However the boolean value Syslog.global.logDirUnique  is not configurable via the web client and is simply greyed out. When applying this value manually via PowerCLI and recapturing the value for applying to other hosts however, this value (true) is retained and copied to the relevant hosts. Is this intended behaviour, or is there something that may be conflicting with another setting in the Web Client that I cannot see? This is one of a few examples I have found thus far.


      2) MTU Size discrepancies are not picked up on during host profile compliance checks


      I have another requirement to up the MTU for the vmks, in preparation for NSX overlay. When configuring the MTU for these vmkernels in the host profile, the value is retained (in my case, 1600).


      If the hosts themselves are set to 1500 and the host profile set to 1600, when checking the compliance everything comes up green! Only by remediation, does the host profile quietly update the MTU value to 1600 successfully. Bit concerning if there are other values that are not picked up on without finetooth checks of the values on each host..



      Has anyone seen examples of the above or similar?